Green Laser Pointers Are Fun But Do Not Use Them Near Low Flying Aircraft

Laser pointers are very fun to use, but I will emphasize that they must be used responsibly. I’m not sure they are suitable for young children because they won’t realize the power of the pointer.

I read a day or two ago that some models of green laser pointers can reach a distance of 80 miles with their emission, which seems quite reliable isn’t it?

You have to be extra careful using your laser to the sky if you live near the airport. I have read reports of aircraft crashes landing, this will be a very clear indication of irresponsible behavior with this product.

You can do target training with balloons, and lighters with light [allow hope that pyromaniacs don’t get their hands on this pointer]! Some are strong enough to actually light a cigarette and cut a light outer package.

They will light up the sky for you so you can see all the stars. This will be very interesting if you like astronomy as a hobby. If you want your children to learn about the stars they will be able to see exactly which star you are talking about if you use one of these laser pointers.

I understand that the reason for green light is very clear is that the human eye is more sensitive to green than other colors used for this pointer. This is undoubtedly the reason why it is possible to see such a ray being spoken.

This laser pointer has various strengths, from 5 mW to 700mW, that is quite diverse. Not surprisingly, lasers are used by the military to mark targets very specifically.

You will find that even a lower mW will illuminate a dark room, maybe not like a normal torch does, but enough to see your way about I’m sure.

Animals also have fun, they chase blocks thinking it’s a piece of string, but make sure you don’t let it enter their eyes. The lower mW will not damage anything, but it is on the safe side away from the eyes.

You might want to invest in laser glasses, this will give you full eye protection from various purple, blue and green lasers.

Always remember that using a laser pointer green, red, blue or whatever should be fun but should not be used to interfere with the lives of others, not shine in the house or neighbor’s window, never shine on the driver of the car and not the plane in the sky. If you obey all these rules then you can have fun with the laser without disturbing others.