eBay Laser Pointer Scam Exposed

Fraud itself is based on the type of light provided by the laser pointer, the way power is measured, changes made to the laser pointer and sellers who are not aware and / or dishonest.

Type of light

This laser is advertised as a green laser and must provide green light and only green light. That never happened. Nearly all green power high power laser pointers supposedly on eBay emit a combination of green light with a wavelength of 532nm light and infrared light with a wavelength of 808nm and 1064nm of light.

All genuine high-power green laser pointers have filters installed which prevent them from emitting infrared light. Laser pointers on eBay are missing this filter that has been deleted or intentionally made without. Removing the infrared filter from the laser pointer increases its strength and makes it far more dangerous.

Take a 240mW laser pointer which is commonly found on eBay as an example. This laser pointer probably only has 40mW of green light with the remaining 200mW of light being infrared light. Customers pay for a laser pointer with 240nm green light and only get a laser pointer with 40mW of light. Effectively deceive them from 84% of their money.

Another problem with the infrared filter that is missing is a very dangerous laser. Infrared light spreads like a torch beam compared to a green light in a narrow beam. Visible green lights can be avoided but infrared light because they are invisible cannot be avoided. Most safety glasses that protect the green light are fully transparent to infrared light. This means someone who wears safety glasses and uses one of these lasers is less likely to avoid light and is far more likely to suffer damage to their eyes.

Power measurement

The power of most laser pointers will reach its peak in the first few seconds then stabilize at a much lower level than the peak. A reputable seller will give average strength as the advertised power. EBay sellers, on the other hand, use peak power as the advertised power. This is very deceptive because it misleads people into thinking the laser is far more powerful than it really is.


This laser pointer is only designed to handle power from around 5mW to 10mW. The seller modifies the laser pointer by increasing the power from the battery to the laser diode so that the diode emits a stronger laser beam. The problem with this is that diodes are not built to handle higher forces and will have a much shorter life cycle and are likely to burn. Many eBay lasers lose power or burn completely in a matter of hours or even minutes. The lens in the acrylic coating laser pointer is also not designed for increased power and tends to be damaged with reduced or completely failed performance.

These eBay sellers are not laser experts and generally have little or no understanding of the laser pointers they sell. This means they cannot provide quality advice or recommendations and the level of support and service they provide is minimal. Their general response to customers when there is a problem with the laser pointer is to send it back as a replacement. Given that laser costs are no more than shipping costs, most customers reduce their losses at that time.

Possible improvements

Laser pointers with a power of more than 5mW are classified as dangerous items and are not allowed on eBay. If you have been tricked by one of these sellers, you can threaten to report it to eBay and maybe their account is suspended or even closed.

If you pay by PayPal, you can also open a dispute for items that are not as described. This dispute may not be decided for you, but most sellers are willing at that stage to issue you a refund. If you pay by credit card, you can restart your bill with your credit card company in the same way with a greater chance of success than PayPal.

The last choice is bluffing. Claims that you will contact eBay, police, and government departments responsible for consumer affairs in their country if they do not issue you with a refund. Considering they sell items that are prohibited by eBay and are illegal to sell (legal to own) in a number of countries, these cliffs are very effective.

Do You Need a Laser Pointer?

Laser pointers have been around for years now. I really remember when I was in middle school how they became these new hot items and all the cool kids had them. Now they are not so popular but they still have their uses.

Lasers are great for business people. You can use it during presentations to show certain things on the board, in slide shows or in other cases.

Lasers are also still quite popular in schools, but they are usually used to disrupt classes or point to the eyes of other classmates. For this reason many schools forbid students from having lasers.

Laser light is not always dangerous, however, if it points to someone’s eyes it can cause blurred vision, eye gaze and people to see spots. This is only temporary but still must be avoided.

The amount of damage a laser pointer will depend on is the class and the amount of power it uses. Usually the more power the more damage it will cause. Most laser pointers will have a warning label that tells you how much power they have.

If you still want or need a laser pointer then there is some calm you can consider like this.

Mpo’s Red Laser Pointer – This is a very good 6 “long pointer that is even equipped with a carrier bag.

Dimple’s Green Laser Pen – This is a bright green pointer that is considered military grade and offers 4.99 mw of light, just below the legal limit for most countries.

With Certain Models in the Green Laser Pointer II Range You Have a Visible Beam For 80 Miles

I have seen some claims that are quite spectacular for the length of light from this green II laser pointer model. I believe that they have quite a long beam that is very visible in the dark. You not only get a place, you get a full beam that goes on and on, depending on the power of the laser, sometimes for miles. This is the fact that the 200mW pointer beam looks for 80 miles! When you choose a laser brand to buy, always ask about the warranty. If they only want to give 30 days – 3 months to be a little wary because this is likely to say that they expect their products to be damaged.

Look for at least a 6 month warranty, which means that the product will be more reliable. If you use a laser that is stronger than 5mW you will be advised to use protective glasses. Most of these laser pointers are neat and small enough to fit into your pocket, they look almost like a pen.

I believe other applications that are useful for green laser pointers II are for hiking or other types of outdoor activities, they will be very nice to find your way to a specific destination. You can make it always visible when you attach a beam on it. Green light reflects particles in the air and depends on atmospheric conditions at the time or use, the light can reach from 15,000 to 25,000 ft. Beams should only be stored for less than one minute at a time. With a 5mW pointer the battery will last from 2-4 hours with normal use.

There are some very interesting pointer lasers that you can use as a star projector. There is a pattern cap that stays on if you want the pattern to be directed to the sky outside the room or on the walls and ceiling in the room. When you want to use it as a regular green laser pointer, simply remove the lid pattern. If you buy a good quality laser, you can expect it to function well and shine brightly for years. Try not to drop your laser pointer on a hard surface because this can affect laser alignment and alignment needed for best performance.

It seems that there are many countries that put a ban on anything above the low power laser. I think you have to take this action with face value, they seem to indicate that there are too many people who are not responsible for using pointers in a bad way. This is always a shame when a minority damages goods for the majority of people, but this is what happens when people abuse this type of product.

There is no doubt that they can be dangerous in the wrong hands, especially in the hands of children. You must not let a child handle a green laser pointer II unless supervised closely.