Why Blue Laser Pointers Are Much More Expensive Than Green Laser Pointers

One of the most obvious differences between blue laser pointers and green laser pointers is the price. A 10 mW blue laser pointer costs $ 700 compared to the equivalent price of a 15 mW green laser pointer that costs $ 100.

Not only is the blue laser pointer more expensive. Blue laser modules, OEM lasers and lab lasers are also far more expensive than their green counterparts. The reason for the large price difference is the process used to produce laser light, the component used for production volume.

The process of making blocks

Both blue and green laser pointers use pump diodes which provide 808nm infrared light which is used to pump the same type of crystal. Crystals that are pumped in turn provide light in the far infrared spectrum. The difference between blue and green lasers is the optical layer in the pumped crystal and the type of far infrared light produced by this crystal.

The crystal that is pumped in a green laser pointer has an optical layer that causes the crystal to deliver most of the 1064nm infrared light which frequency is doubled by other crystals to the 532nm green light. The crystal that is pumped in a blue laser pointer has a different layer which causes the crystal to provide most 946nm infrared light which is also frequency doubled by other crystals to 473nm of light.

Its components

The process of producing light 1064nm is far more efficient than making 946nm light so that the blue laser pointer requires a large pump diode to produce the same power. Larger pump diodes make blue laser pointers more expensive. The frequency of crystal multiplication in blue laser pointers is less frequent and more expensive than that in a green laser pointer.

Production volume

Green laser pointers have better visibility than blue laser pointers and have fewer temperature problems at higher power levels. This means that green lasers are used for a large number of applications such as astronomy, pointing, burning and signaling and are produced in very high volumes. Blue laser pointers on the other hand are far more limited in their applications and are produced in much lower volumes. Like any product, the lower the volume produced, the more expensive the product.

Green Laser Pointer – Modifying Your Green Laser For More Power

Showing a constellation or star will not be difficult with the help of the Skyline green laser pointer. This is because this amazing laser pointer emits diverse green laser beams that appear to stretch up to the stars. This amazing laser unit with an output of 5mW over nearly 80 miles throughout the galaxy can still be seen in a dark and somewhat polluted atmosphere (cloudy or smoky place), unlike this red laser pointer, this mystical green mess can be seen in the darkest of nights and not even fade at great distances which means these units are easily seen in dark and foggy situations. These units usually come 6 feet long and with pocket clips. The skyline unit is equipped with three (3) triple A batteries but flows quickly.

Some people with the Skyscout unit (a revolutionary handheld device that uses advanced GPS technology with the convenience of point and click to identify thousands of stars, planets, constellations and more.) Can install their Skyline green bookmarks reliably and most of their coworkers or viewers can see what their unit shows, whether it’s constellations, stars, or even colonies hidden above the stars (just kidding, but who knows?), with just a touch of a finger on the “target button” then the Skyscout “LCD” button can analyze the description or even coordinate.

Even though, the bracket (ABS) attaches to the SkyScout side. Manufacturers claim that it will not interfere with the GPS Sky Scout system or the ability to point perfectly. The manufacturer also states that brackets are recommended ONLY for use with Orion SkyLine Green Laser Pointers, which have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they will not interfere with the Sky Scout GPS system or pointer accuracy. So if you use SkyScout more than just a rarity, and use SkyScout as a teaching aid or just want to see objects more comfortably, Skyline along with a bracket can be a good investment.