Green Laser Pointers Are Applied in Military Field

The laser pointer has several classic functions, such as pointing to stars at night for astronomical use. And it also serves as a useful tool for pointing at the blackboard when a professor delivers a speech. Here I present another application: laser for military use.

High-powered laser light is clearly visible through daylight and night sky, and the most popular military lasers produce a strong green laser beam at a 532nm light frequency. The reason for the popularity of green light is that the human eye is more sensitive to green than red or blue.

Green laser pointers stand at the forefront of the modern military battlefield and it is an ideal tool for domestic defense. Many military organizations around the world devote all kinds of laser devices to their armaments systems.

A strong green laser can be mounted on a gun as laser vision, which gives soldiers easy and accurate identification of enemies. It also means that during combat, soldiers can intimidate and determine potential targets more easily. Many powerful military lasers can ignite fuses and temporarily blind enemies, which makes the soldiers protect themselves successfully and not be noticed by the enemy. Thus the opportunity to win the war has greatly increased.

In addition to weapons training, military professionals also use powerful lasers in finding and saving operations as search light. Regarding green laser pointers that are very strong, their emission range can reach 15,000-28,000 meters.

All dominant features indicate that this gadget has a wide application in the military field. But at the same time, you have to be careful with a green laser during a night battle because it can give your position.

However, there are some disputes about the availability of very strong lasers. The debate is that dangerous laser pointers are very easy to buy even though clear health and safety hazards have been created for untrained users.

Lovers and laser enthusiasts can choose different laser pointers based on their needs for various applications. And security is the most important whether you are a professional laser user or not, so it’s better to wear a pair of safety glasses for your health. And the safety of others is just as important. Never point to humans, animals and airplanes. Besides, please keep the laser pointer out of the reach of children.