One Green Laser Pointer Can Shoot a Beam For 80 Miles

This type of laser beam was originally used as a pointer in the lecture hall, or maybe a surveyor will use it when looking at building works. There are even situations where very visible pointers are needed.

Astronomers [amateurs] can use it to profit both highlighting stars and sky for their search.

They have practical uses but they seem to have been adopted as something fun. This is the ‘inside’ thing you have to have if you look cool.

These pointers have different colors with different beam strengths. Green seems to be one of the most easily seen eyes. The human eye is more sensitive to green than red or blue.

The green laser pointer at only 532nm will defeat the red below 650nm. Red only appears as a point, the light disappears in dark conditions. Green functions better in darkness and is a continuous ray that lasts for miles. I have seen one supplier that quoted a distance of about 80 miles. Phew, that’s a bit far.

If you buy several different colors, you can arrange your own laser show, which will look quite spectacular.

When a laser pointer is used in a public place where community members attend there are rules and regulations about the strength of the beam that can be used, which is only 1 mW of laser light. Each country has a set of guidelines for using this laser pointer.

Indiscriminate use of them can pose a danger especially if they are directed to other people’s eyes, and more especially if the person is driving a vehicle or flying a plane. Not only does it damage the eyes of the person, it is also harmful to safety because of the distraction factor.

I think if I’m going to climb a mountain, or indeed anywhere where rare people I will take one of these laser pointers in green and hope that if I get lost it will help people to find me in the case of a rescue situation.

People use it for fun today, pop balloons, trigger matches, even security matches with them.

There is a refillable model that makes it possible to use it cheaper than buying a new battery.

It should be noted that a green laser pointer provides enough infrared radiation but a better product has a built-in filter. Some cheaper model makers don’t want additional costs for filter production so they don’t include it. I would suggest you pay less and get it with filters, for your own eyesight and for anyone else.

Whatever you buy, do your homework and check prices. There are quite a number of differences in price and product quality so it is best to look at all available products, or as many as you can, and decide what will give you value for money.