Do You Need a Laser Pointer?

Laser pointers have been around for years now. I really remember when I was in middle school how they became these new hot items and all the cool kids had them. Now they are not so popular but they still have their uses.

Lasers are great for business people. You can use it during presentations to show certain things on the board, in slide shows or in other cases.

Lasers are also still quite popular in schools, but they are usually used to disrupt classes or point to the eyes of other classmates. For this reason many schools forbid students from having lasers.

Laser light is not always dangerous, however, if it points to someone’s eyes it can cause blurred vision, eye gaze and people to see spots. This is only temporary but still must be avoided.

The amount of damage a laser pointer will depend on is the class and the amount of power it uses. Usually the more power the more damage it will cause. Most laser pointers will have a warning label that tells you how much power they have.

If you still want or need a laser pointer then there is some calm you can consider like this.

Mpo’s Red Laser Pointer – This is a very good 6 “long pointer that is even equipped with a carrier bag.

Dimple’s Green Laser Pen – This is a bright green pointer that is considered military grade and offers 4.99 mw of light, just below the legal limit for most countries.